“You can see as much about life in a square as you can do this through the presentation of an apple still life. It depends on whether one has learned to read squares as faces and figures”, Josef Albers

Christina Link

3Palma-Blanket3 Palma is the brainchild of Christina Link. It is the result of her studies, experience and dedication to the artistic manufacturing of elegant home decor.

Shortly after achieving a degree in a renowned haute couture studio in Munich, Christina moved to Italy. She now lives and works in Tuscany, hand crafting artistic home accessories such as blankets, covers and shawls.

3Palma-Blanket-MagdaThanks to her past professional experience, she has an established network of contacts with prestigious producers of fine fabrics. Sumptuous velvets, cashmere, alpaca, wool, tweed, silks and leather are but some of her preferred materials.

All the pieces that she produces are handmade with the utmost care and passion. As a result they are unique in their composition of colours, forms and expression.

Contact Christina

Email [email protected]
Phone +39 333 1983589